The company Sadobre (acronym for Stazione Autostradale Doganale di Confine del Brennero – Customs station at Brenner border) was founded in 1971.

The initiative was started by the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano in 1967. In the following years the Municipality of Campo di Trens purchased plots of land, and a public limited company was founded with the participation of companies and public bodies. The purpose of the corporation was the construction of a modern border structure, mainly for the traffic of goods, but also to support the transport of people, following the opening of the Brenner Motorway in 1974. Orographically, the Brenner area did not offer any possibility, therefore the creation of the customs station took place in the area of the Sadobre company, near Sterzing.
The first president of the company, Mr Paul Cadsky, took the lead in obtaining the necessary authorisations from the various ministries, designed the project and made agreements with Autostrada del Brennero for the connection to the main route and finally coordinated the construction works. In January 1975, the Sadobre motorway station begun its activity.
The customs station provided a large, paved car park, with lighting and fence, delimited by traffic islands. In the main building it housed the customs offices, several shipping houses and the administrative offices. Another building was used for veterinary and customs controls. The control tower with a station of the Guardia di Finanza (Italian Financial Police) became a symbol of Sadobre, for its interesting architectural features.
At the time, the shareholders of Sadobre S.p.A. recognized the great potential for economic development and the importance of the Brenner pass motorway for international freight traffic, also as a result of the limited capacity offered by rail transport. It was immediately clear that, without the availability of an efficient and dedicated trucking terminal, it would have not be possible to cope with the large volumes of traffic. Right from the start, the potential socio-economic impact for the province and for the community was evident: over 400 people were employed in the highway customs station; up to 800 vehicles a day, parked for an average of 7 hours, carried out customs operations.

Registered Office
Campo di Trens

Year established

Beginning of activities

Founding partner:
Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol (30% until 2001; 63.06 % after that year)
Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano S.p.A. (40% until 2001; 6.94% after that year)
E.A. Magazzini Generali di Bolzano (20.81%)
Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano (7.69%)
Consorzio Agrario di Bolzano (1.00%)
Municipality of Bolzano (0.5 %)

Sole shareholder since 2010:
Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A. – Brennerautobahn A.G.

Paul Cadsky (1971 – 1997)
Franz Spögler (1997 – 2010)
Benedikt Gramm (2010 – 2013)
Paolo Rosatti (2013-2016; October 2016-July 2019 Sole Director; since July 2019 Chief Executive Officer)
Richard Amort (since 30.07.2019)

Aldo Degiorgis (1975 – 1981)
Reinhard Fuchs (1981 – 1993)
Günther Seidner (1993 – 1998)
Verena Pfitscher Bonfanti (since 1999)