Our main business purpose is the management of customs stations and organized and equipped truck terminals, dedicated to vehicles used for national and international transport of goods destined abroad.

Mission / Vision

The completion of the European Single Market in 1993 led to drastic changes in the activity of the Campo di Trens customs station, which lost much of its former relevance following the elimination of customs barriers. However, the functions of the Sadobre trucking terminal in this sector did not remain unnecessary. Increased trade in goods has resulted from the intensification of commercial relations, which has led to a steady increase in traffic; in this framework, the Brenner route has increased its importance in international trade. Constant growth has had a major impact on transport systems, and the population of the Alpine region is no more available to accept the negative consequences of traffic, which implies the need to implement a safe, efficient and eco-friendly transport policy involving social interests. This need is particularly crucial near the Brenner Pass, where the consequences of the restrictive programmes of the Austrian Government cause forced suspensions to HGV traffic. Parking areas of the Sadobre terminal are therefore essential, to allow greater traffic on the motorway and to limit obstacles and hindrances to the traffic flow.

As part of the conversion measures after 1993, the Sadobre terminal upgraded its facilities, adding a gas station and the Top Stop, a building comprising a bar, restaurant, pizzeria, showers, overnight accommodation, shop, etc. The Sadobre terminal, with its wide range of services, started to play an important role as rest area and meeting place for truck drivers and travellers.

In 1996, following the change to the urban plan of the Municipality of Campo di Trens with the new production area of provincial interest, the company Sadobre S.p.A. sold an area of approximately 100,000 sqm to the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

In 2010 Autostrada del Brennero S.p.A. became the owner of the entire block of shares of Sadobre S.p.A. The infrastructures, which are obsolete and worn out, are now in need of a major renovation. The policy of the new property encourages a gradual transition of freight transport from road to rail, in the view of improving safety measures and emergency management, meeting the needs of truck drivers and offering them dedicated services.

In the future, the Campo di Trens trucking terminal could interact in a varied economic and social fabric of all transport-related processes. In the general interpretation of transport policy, all relevant aspects such as economy, land planning and ecology must be included. The Sadobre terminal, in this perspective, could contribute in meeting the growing needs of traffic and for sustainable development of mobility.